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W 635-2RS1
W 635-2RS1

W 635-2RS1

Product ID : W 635-2RS1
Product Tags : SKF Bearing
Product Attributes :

Stainless steel single row deep groove ball bearings with seals or shields on both sides offer greater chemical and corrosion resistance. Deep groove ball bearings can withstand bi-directional radial and axial loads, are easy to mount and have low maintenance requirements.

Product Description


Bore diameter
19 mm
Outside diameter
8.5 mm
Recess diameter
16.5 mm
Recess diameter
min.0.3 mm
Chamfer dimension
Abutment dimensions - W 635-2RS1

Abutment dimensions

Diameter of shaft abutment
max.8.4 mm
Diameter of shaft abutment
max.17 mm
Diameter of housing abutment
max.0.3 mm
Radius of shaft or housing fillet

Calculation data

Basic dynamic load rating C
2.03 kN
Basic static load rating C0
0.88 kN
Fatigue load limit Pu
0.038 kN
Limiting speed  
24 000 r/min
Minimum load factor kr
Calculation factor f0


Mass bearing
0.0081 kg


Tolerance class

Dimensional tolerances
Radial run-out

W 635-2RS1 bearing is a kind of double-enclosed deep groove ball bearing, which is made of high quality materials and advanced manufacturing process. It has the following advantages:


1. high quality materials: W 635-2RS1 bearings are manufactured with high strength and wear-resistant materials to ensure their long service life and reliability.


2. excellent sealing performance: the bearing adopts double-closed design, which can effectively prevent dust, moisture and other contaminants from entering into the bearing interior, thus improving the service life of the bearing.


3. High-speed operation: W 635-2RS1 bearings are optimised with low coefficient of friction and good lubrication performance, which enables them to maintain stable performance under high-speed operation conditions.


4. lightweight and compact: the bearing has a compact design and lightweight structure, suitable for applications with limited space.


5. good load bearing capacity: W 635-2RS1 bearings have good load bearing capacity and can withstand large radial and axial loads.


W 635-2RS1 bearings are suitable for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to the following fields:


1. mechanical engineering: the bearings can be used in a variety of mechanical equipment, such as motors, fans, pumps, etc., to provide stable operation and reliable performance.


2. automotive industry: W 635-2RS1 bearings can be used in automotive parts, such as engines, transmission systems and suspension systems, to provide smooth running and reliable performance.


3. electronic equipment: the bearings can be used for rotating parts in electronic equipment, such as hard disc drives, printers and scanners, etc., to provide stable operation and low noise.


4. Manufacturing: W 635-2RS1 bearings can be used in a variety of manufacturing fields, such as food processing, textile and paper making, to provide stable production and efficient performance.


In a word, W 635-2RS1 bearing is a kind of deep groove ball bearing with excellent performance and wide applicability for various industrial fields and application scenarios. Its high quality materials, excellent sealing performance, high speed operation, light weight and compactness and good load carrying capacity make it one of the preferred bearings in many industries.

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